Why should I "Submit a Ticket" from the Web site rather than phoning the Helpdesk?

If the user has access to the Internet, there are some advantages in submitting a ticket via the VERIPOS Online Support Site rather than telephoning or emailing the Helpdesk:

  • The first stage in the support procedure involves raising a ticket containing full contact details of the user together with an initial description of the problem or the information requested. If the user contacts the Helpdesk by phone or email, the operator will raise the ticket and enter the data which he has received. The user can save time and eliminate the possibility of errors by entering the details directly into the online form. By completing all the fields in the form, the user can ensure that all essential information has been provided.
  • Whenever a ticket is logged in the system, it can be viewed by all VERIPOS personnel which could result in a quicker resolution to the fault.
  • The support ticket is time-stamped when it is submitted and the user will receive an immediate email confirming that it has been accepted by the system. A further email will be transmitted as soon as the ticket is read by the Helpdesk operator. These records may be useful later if the user is required to report on the issue.
  • If the issue is urgent, or the symptoms are difficult to describe, the user may still wish to contact the Helpdesk by phone. By allowing the operator a few minutes to consider the problem and an opportunity to consult any records or drawings pertaining to the vessel, the probability of obtaining an immediate solution is greatly increased. If not the fault will be escalated onto support specialists who will deal with the fault.