How do I configure an LD5 to receive RTK corrections?

Note: Only LD5 hardware variant 'A' demodulators can receive RTK corrections. Please refer to How do I tell which LD5 version/variant I have? if required. If RTK options are not displayed then RTK permissions have not been enabled on the GNSS card; contact your Veripos Project Manager for support.

For systems with RTK options enabled, ensure that the unit is operating in 'LD5 Mode' (check via Config > Config if necessary), then navigate from the Home Page to GNSS > Config > SBAS/RTK. Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to the corresponding RTK Solution box and select ✔ to switch On. Navigate to and click Apply:

Navigate to and click Apply

Finally ensure the RTK corrections are interfaced via comport in RTCM V2 format and ensure that the matching data-rate parameters (e.g 19200,8,n,1) and correct configuration parameters are set.