How do I enable and output heading from my LD5-C?

LD5-C variants are fitted with dual antenna input GNSS cards, which can be used to provide a GNSS heading solution. However, unless requested at time of purchase, the GNSS heading feature is disabled. LD5-A and LD5-B Variants have no heading capability.

To enable the GNSS heading feature, contact your VERIPOS Project Manager to obtain a heading licence code. This licence code can be entered within the Admin Mode of the LD5 (Config > Admin). The Helpdesk will provide the procedure required to apply the code. Applying the licence activates the AUX connector for use with a secondary GNSS antenna to compute Heading on the GNSS receiver.

Once the LD5-C is enabled and the heading antenna is installed, the LD5 will compute and display the  heading solution on the 2nd Position Information page. The arrows highlighted in red in the figure below show that further information is available to display. Push the left or right arrow button to display the GNSS heading.

Push the left or right arrow button to display the GNSS heading

To output the Heading from the LD5, the HDT sentence has to be enabled on one of the NMEA output streams. To enable HDT sentence, navigate from the LD5 home screen to GNSS > Config > NMEA then choose either NMEAa or NMEAb and then set the HDT sentence to On then click Apply

The NMEA HDT telegram will provide the heading information derived from the system.