I wish to enable External/MF corrections on my LD5-A for use in the position solution. Why is the 3rd Party menu item greyed out in the Routing menu?

The unit behaves differently depending upon the Operating Mode selected.  The Operating Mode may be checked by selecting Config from the Home menu and then selecting Config from the next menu.  The mode should be either QC or LD5 (the Maint option is for maintenance use and should never be selected during normal operations.)

1. QC Mode

External or MF corrections may not be input to the internal position solution when the unit is in QC mode.  This mode should only be selected if the LD5 is interfaced to an external computer running the VERIPOS Verify QC application and is supplying "GNSS Raw" data to Verify QC.  If this is not the case, the mode should be changed to "LD5".

When interfaced to Verify QC, it is recommended to connect the External and MF corrections directly to Verify since this will normally be used as the main position output.

2. LD5 Mode

In this mode, the 3rd Party RTCM menu item will be greyed out if neither MF nor a serial port configured for External RTCM correction sources are detected.

MF - All units have a Beacon RF input connector on the rear panel but the MF module is an option.  If installed, an MF icon will appear on the home screen between the GNSS icon and the Config button.

Ext RTCM - An external RTCM input is only detected if an Ext RTCM input has been configured on one of the three COM ports.

Note: Only one Ext RTCM input may be configured. If the input is configured on one port, the menu option will be omitted on the other two ports.