How do I check if my LD8 (with WebUI) is enabled or disabled?

The LD8 WebUI provides a terminal to issue commands and receive information. To connect and access the LD8 WebUI visit How do I log into my LD8?.

To check unit activation status, the terminal can be accessed by navigating to Tools > Terminal. Other terminal applications can also be used to send commands to the LD8 (using the LD8 COM ports or configured TCPIP sockets). 

To check the present activation status of an LD8 enter:


The unit activation status can be either ENABLE (or) DISABLE.

The unit L-band sync status can be either LOCKED (or) NO_SIGNAL. For activation of Veripos services the unit should be tracking an L-band beam appropriate for the vessels current work area, which will result in a sync status of LOCKED. To configure the L-band beam see How do I check (or) change my LD8 L-band beam?

An example of a status message response, with activation status showing DISABLE and Sync status LOCKED: