What ports are available for LD900 TCP/IP or UDP connection?

There are seven ICOM (network) ports available on the ethernet adapter LAN1:

ICOM1 - 3001
ICOM2 - 3002
ICOM3 - 3003
ICOM4 - 3004
ICOM5 - 3005
ICOM6 - 3006
ICOM7 - 3007

Users may configure LD900 ICOM network ports for TCP/IP client (data input), TCP server (data output) or UDP (data input or output). To make changes to these ports, navigate to Configuration > Ports:

LD900 Main Menu arrow
LD900 Configuration menu arrow LD900 ports menu

When changing the Port number (highlighted below), a system reboot will be required to apply changes.

LD900 ports menu

Heading must be licensed and turned on before the HDT NMEA sentence will become available for selection. An active INS license is necessary for the PASHR NMEA, INSPVA, HEAVE, and TSS1 sentences to be available for selection.

For LD900 systems operating within the single format rack mount system (incorporates a Moxa 8 serial port expansion unit), the seven ICOM ports and replaced with additional serial ports P1 – P7 (and P7 duplicated to P8):

        P1 - 1
        P2 - 2
        P3 - 3
        P4 - 4
        P5 - 5
        P6 - 6
        P7 - 7
        P8 - 7