Why can I not connect to the LD900 TCP/IP ports?

LD900 data output is available via three COM ports and seven LAN1 TCP/IP socket (ICOM's).

When troubleshooting any TCP/IP connection issue first verify that LAN1 of the LD900 is connected to the correct subnetwork. If required the IP address of LAN1 can be edited by navigating from the LD900 Home screen to Status > Receiver > Network.

The standard ICOM output IP ports definitions are as follows:

  • ICOM1: Port 3001
  • ICOM2: Port 3002
  • ICOM3: Port 3003
  • ICOM4: Port 3004
  • ICOM5: Port 3005
  • ICOM6: Port 3006
  • ICOM7: Port 3007

If the LD900 is mounted in a single format rack mount system with an accompanying Moxa 8 serial port expansion unit, seven ICOM ports will be dedicated as serial ports with default baud rate 115200 and with the settings of P7 duplicated to P8:

LD900 LAN1 Socket MOXA Serial Port
3001 P1
3002 P2
3003 P3
3004 P4
3005 P5
3006 P6
3007 P7
3008 P8