How do I review L-band signal quality in Quantum?

Quantum provides several indicators and displays that help in checking the status and health of L-band corrections. These displays might differ slightly between hardware, for example, it will display L-band information from one source when connected to an LD8, and two different sources when connected to an LD900. The number of indicators may also vary depending on the size of the display panel.

The first place to check within Quantum to view the status of the L-band corrections is within the Correction Link Status panel. It provides high level information regarding various aspects of the L-band corrections in use.

It has four colour-coded radio button indicators: Enabled, Locked, Sync and Signal Strength, which show the health of the L-band beam being used (Auto/single beam shown on the left of the panel), where green indicates a healthy status. If a single beam has been manually selected, it also shows the Azimuth and Elevation of the satellite.

L-band tracked and healthy L-band not tracked nor healthy
LD8 Display - L-band tracked and healthy
LD900 Display - L-band tracked and healthy

LD8 Display

LD900 Display

More information on the Correction Link Status indicators can be seen in the table below:

Information Details
L-band satellite in use Name of the L-band correction satellite in use e.g. AUTO or 25E
  • Green= Enabled
  • Red = Disabled
  • Green= Signal locked
  • Red = No signal lock
  • Green= Receiving data from L-band satellite
  • Red = Not receiving data from L-band satellite
Signal Strength

Signal strength of the selected L-band satellite.Thresholds:

  • Green: >36.5dB Hz
  • Amber: 32.5 – 36.5dB Hz
  • Red: <32.5dB Hz
Azimuth & Elevation

Azimuth and elevation information for the active L-band correction
satellite at present location when the L-band mode is Manual

Another useful panel for reviewing the quality is Correction Link Signal Strength. This is a fuel gauge type view which provides real-time L-band signal strength indication. The view is colour-coded to give a clear visual indication if the signal strength is acceptable, where the green zone indicates a healthy L-band signal strength.

Correction link signal strength tile

The Correction Link Signal Strength – Time Series view also shows a graphical plot of the L-band signal strength over the previous 10 minutes. Ideally, this should show a constant L-band strength of over 40dB.

Correction link signal strength - time series tile

Other views are also available which could help in checking the quality of the L-band corrections, including Correction Age, Correction Latency, Service Correction Availability and Correction Link Satellites. More information in these can be found within What Correction Information Views Are Available within Quantum?