What Veripos beams are available for system's interfaced to Fleet and Fleet Broadband Inmarsat system?

Presently Fleet BroadBand and Fleet 77 model Inmarsat systems are compatible with Veripos services.

Fleet Broadband 50, 250 & 500 systems

The Fleet BroadBand 150, 250 and 500 models can only receive Veripos 25E, 98W and 143.5E beams.

Fleet 77 Systems

Fleet 77 systems can receive AORW, IOR, 98W and 143.5E beams.

Due to changes in Inmarsat configurations the beam naming method used on vessel Fleet 77 controllers  may lead to confusion. Use the following guidance when a Veripos system is interfaced to a Fleet 77 system. When the Fleet 77 controller reports tracking of:-

AORW it is actually tracking 98W.
POR, it is actually tracking 143.5E.
AORE, it is actually tracking AORW.
IOR, it is actually tracking 25E.

It is important to also ensure that the interfaced Veripos system is configured to the actual beam received rather than the one displayed as selected on the controller.

Dual Beam System

For installations requiring dual beam Veripos services for redundancy (such as DP2 installations), it is important that the second Veripos system using a Veripos antenna has a different Veripos beam selected to maintain double redundancy.