What is “VERIPOS L-Band Control” software? Where can I get it and how do I install it?

The LD3 is a compact receiver. The front panel is fitted with sufficient status indicators to monitor normal operations but has no integrated keyboard or display for use when configuring the unit.

An external PC running VERIPOS L-Band Control software is required to configure the unit for operation. It allows the user to perform the following operations:

  • Enable/Disable VERIPOS correction signals
  • Select the downlink beam (satellite)
  • Select/deselect reference stations
  • Set baud rates for RTCM output ports

Note: VERIPOS software is supplied with the LD3/LD3S on CD ROM. Earlier units were supplied with either Veripos OEM or VeriposLBR depending upon the receiver model. The VERIPOS L-Band Control application is compatible with all receiver models and is the preferred replacement for both of these applications.

The VERIPOS L-Band Control software is available at the bottom of this article.The software can be installed on any computer running the Microsoft Windows XP/ Windows 7 operating system (.NET framework 3.5 required for software to run on the PC) with an available RS232 serial port. If no RS232 port is available, the user must obtain and install a suitable USB-to-serial converter. If installing from disk, the CD will auto-run when inserted in the computer, opening a browser window which displays the VERIPOS logo and a list of contents. Select the application from the Software list.

(If this opening screen does not appear automatically, open the CD from My Computer and double-click on index.html.)

Select Run from the Run/Save dialog box. A warning dialog will be displayed; click Run.

The installation will begin. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

If installing from a download, first unzip the archive then double-click on setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.