I have just changed beams and my station list is not fully populated why is this?

The station lists available on VERIPOS units are controlled via UCM’s (User Control Message) which are transmitted through the L-band beams from the VERIPOS Helpdesk. UCM’s only transmit station lists that are available to each specific beam. For example, UCM’s transmitted from 25E only have the stations that are available on 25E. The UCM for each unit is stored in a list which is transmitted in a constant loop.

When switching to a different beam the station list will not update until a UCM has been received. As a result new stations will not appear on the list; however the unit will keep receiving data for all common stations between beams until the new UCM is received.

The UCM specific for the unit will be in a list and could take from several minutes or up to 4 hours for the UCM to be transmitted depending on how long since the UCM for the unit was last transmitted, once the unit receives this the station list will then fully populate. If unable to wait up to 4 hours, the VERIPOS Helpdesk can be contacted and request a fresh UCM to be transmitted straight away to that specific unit.