What geodetic reference frame do VERIPOS services use?

From 12th September 2017 VERIPOS updated the geodetic reference frame in which all VERIPOS correction services are provided, transitioning from ITRF2008 to ITRF2014. The effect on users of VERIPOS positioning services is that Apex, Ultra and Standard services output by VERIPOS products now provide positions in ITRF2014, rather than ITRF2008. This resulting change in coordinates is at the several mm-level.

ITRF2014 is the new realisation of the International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS). The ITRS defines an international, geocentric reference frame suitable for use with measurements on or near the Earth's surface. This reference system is periodically updated by the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), resulting in an ITRF realisation. The reason for these updates is that while the Earth is continually changing in shape, the tracking networks of space observation equipment monitoring the Earth continue to provide more accurate information. Based on completely reprocessed solutions of several observation techniques,  ITRF2014 represents an improved solution, compared to ITRF2008.

In order for VERIPOS correction services to provide users with the latest and greatest reference frame, VERIPOS adopted the ITRF2014 realisation for all services. However, since this shift is very small relative to the accuracy of PPP solutions, users should note that the transition from ITRF2008 to ITRF2014 does not introduce a noticeable change in the positions output from VERIPOS products. As such users are not required to change the use or interpretation of the positioning information following this change.