How do I check or change my LD5 L-band beam?

Checking the L-band Beam
L-band beam tracking is required to receive VERIPOS correction service data. The current beam in use can be found by checking L-Band > Status > Device Status on the front panel.

Current beam highlighted in LD5 UI

Changing the L-band Beam
VERIPOS have five available beams as detailed below and, in most regions, more than one beam should be available:

VERIPOS L-band beams (19.07.22)

To change L-band beam, use the front panel to navigate to L-Band > Config > Beam Selection, use the arrow keys to select (highlight) the beam for your region and then select (tick on) it. Select (with the tick) a second time to switch to the beam.

LD5 L-Band > Config > Beam Selection


  • The AORE beam reached end of life December 19, 2018.
  • The POR beam reached end of life February 28, 2021.