How do I activate my LD900 for Veripos services?

Access to Veripos Correction Services requires a valid subscription before they can be activated on the LD900.

To activate Veripos services on the LD900 the user must send a service activation request (containing the unit User Code, Vessel Name, SAL number and services required) to the Veripos Support. Once processed, the activation will then be sent via L-band satellite to the unit.

Upon activation, the unit will start using Veripos services. To verify the unit is activated navigate to Receiver > Authorisations, this page will display the services which are activated:

This page will display the services which are activated

Note: The default PPP mode is Apex, to switch to Ultra navigate to Configuration > Positioning. Further info can be found in FAQ How do I change the PPP calculation of my LD900?