Why does Quantum display 'Uncorrected' if APEX or ULTRA is stable?

While APEX/ULTRA solutions are stable, an 'Uncorrected' solution may occasionally display at the bottom left of the Quantum display:

Quantum main display with uncorrected highlighted

This uncorrected status appearing at the bottom left of the screen refers to the Standard back up solution and not the active (output) solution.

If the APEX/ULTRA solution remains steady in this state for a prolonged period, then this uncorrected solution may be an indication that while the Veripos services are being received there are not any reference stations available within 1500km of the vessel.

This may be observed on vessels which choose to specify individual correction beams. One or both of the selected beams may not be transmitting corrections from a station within the 1500km range of the vessel.

The Correction Age tile can be used to determine if the correction data for Standard is being received, as this indicator is based on all station data not just stations located within 1500km range.