What do the LED’s on the front of the LD3/LD3S unit indicate?

LEDs on the front panel

BATT – The battery LED illuminates and an audible alarm is activated when DC input voltage drops below 11VDC. In normal operation the LED is off.

SIG - The signal status LED bar graph consists of 8 LED’s which indicates the signal strength of the received L-band signal. From left to right, these are coloured: 1 x red, 3 x yellow and 4 x green with the green indicating a high signal strength.

SYNC - Illuminated when the LD3(S) demodulator is locked onto the downlink beam.

ID - Illuminated when LD3(S) is enabled for service. Flashing when LD3 is disabled. For LD3S units, the indicator will be off until “SYNC” is illuminated.

GPS - Illuminated when the GNSS receiver has acquired satellites and is outputting a NMEA GGA position telegram. Alternates between steady illumination and flashing. The number of flashes indicates the number of satellites used in the position computation.

DGPS - Illuminated when the GNSS receiver is outputting a differentially corrected GGA telegram.