Veripos Network Control Centres

Veripos operates, maintains and controls our own network of GNSS reference stations and associated infrastructure. This gives Veripos full control of its augmentation services, ensuring maximum operational reliability for precise offshore positioning and navigation applications.

Reference Station Network

The Veripos reference station network provides the raw data needed to derive orbit and clock corrections for the GNSS constellations. The reference station locations are selected to provide optimal differential GNSS coverage in offshore operational areas. A minimum of two stations are always available to users, ensuring operational redundancy. 

Veripos GNSS reference stations are housed in secure locations equipped with dual-redundant systems and back-up power. Diverse communications are employed at the reference stations, with a minimum of two separate communication links for each site. Stations are controlled from two fully redundant Network Control Centres (NCCs) with a 24-hour response system available at each reference site.

Network Control Centres – Aberdeen & Singapore

Veripos NCCs are located in secure, purpose-designed locations in Aberdeen and Singapore. The Aberdeen NCC is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a tiered escalation callout system. The Singapore NCC is a full mirror of the Aberdeen installation and can be controlled remotely from any location.

Both NCCs receive, process and quality control the GNSS data from all the reference stations. This data is passed for uplink to the Veripos broadcast satellites via Land Earth Stations (LESs). The NCCs also receive and monitor the data broadcast to the users to ensure data integrity and reliability.

Service Distribution

Operating on seven independent global satellites ensures clients have access to a minimum of two sources of Veripos augmentation services at any global offshore location. LESs for each satellite are chosen to ensure that no geographic region has beams uplinked from the same LES.

Both NCCs feed primary and secondary data streams to the LES via duplicate, physically diverse communication lines. If a problem arises, these data streams are fed into hierarchical switching systems that allow automatic changeover at the LES.

As a further layer of redundancy, Veripos can also provide services to users via the Internet, as either a hardware or software solution, employing industry-standard implementation.