GNSS Receivers

VERIPOS LD900 Receiver

LD900™ Receiver | Quad-Band GNSS Receiver

The LD900 is a quad-band GNSS receiver with GNSS+INS capabilities to deliver precise positioning for demanding marine operations.

LD8™ Receiver

The LD8™ is a compact dual antenna, multi-constellation GNSS receiver that delivers robust positioning and heading.

The LD6 Integrated Mobile Unit.

LD6 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD6 is a fully integrated mobile unit that receives VERIPOS services through the L-Band demodulator and can be configured with single or dual-frequency GNSS receivers.

The LD5 Integrated Mobile Unit.

LD5 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD5 is a reliable and robust positioning unit that can be configured in a number of ways.