SPAN GNSS+INS Technology

SPAN GNSS+INS technology combines GNSS satellite positioning with inertial navigation system (INS) measurements from inertial measurement units (IMUs). This technology provides not only the absolute positioning you expect with GNSS, but also the velocity, attitude and heave measurements for an exceptional 3D navigation solution.

By deeply coupling the GNSS and inertial measurements, GNSS tracking is refined to aid acquisition of satellite signals. This process strengthens the accuracy of your current position, and extends positioning reliability even during periods with GNSS signals are unavailable.

SPAN GNSS+INS technology is scalable with different IMUs like our IMU-ISA-100C and IMU-μIMU-IC, the LD900 receiver and Quantum visualization software.


Ship at sea with beams pointing downward

GNSS+INS for Hydrographic Survey Applications

Integration of GNSS positioning with velocity, attitude and heave data specifically designed for hydrographic survey applications.

VERIPOS LD900 Receiver

LD900™ Receiver | Quad-Band GNSS Receiver

The LD900 is a quad-band GNSS receiver with GNSS+INS capabilities to deliver precise positioning for demanding marine operations.


A near navigation grade sensor computing a blended GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solution.


A micro IMU with low weight and power consumption ideal for marine applications, computing a blended GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solution at up to 200 Hz.

Quantum with the red Veripos target.


GNSS visualization software with a suite of software modules for GNSS+INS and heave measurements, a modern interface, and next generation services and features.