Dynamic Positioning - Drilling

An offshore rig removing items from a supply vessel.

Oil and gas exploration in many parts of the world has moved beyond the reach of conventional moored drilling rigs due to the ever-increasing depth of well sites. Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems and precise positioning capabilities have made deep water drilling possible by enabling the positioning of offshore drilling units accurately over the wellhead.

Veripos hardware is installed on DP rigs and vessels around the world. Once installed, our equipment calculates the position a rig needs to hold, and sends that information through to the onboard DP system to accurately control functions, such as the thrusters which maintain the rig’s position. Software is also available for quality control and monitoring with views customised for dynamic positioning operators and marine bridge crew.

We understand the importance of keeping a DP rig positioned precisely—no matter the conditions. Veripos services track all GNSS constellations and have horizontal accuracies better than five centimetres, ensuring the reliability and accuracy required for safe drilling operations. Utilising two independent correction networks, for complete redundancy, Veripos delivers not only the positioning performance you need, but also the reliability you need to feel confidence in your solution.

Veripos offers 24/7 support to provide an efficient process for any technical challenges that arise. Our experienced technicians also assist with the installation of our technology on the vessel if required. As well, we offer a range of training programs to ensure your team has the necessary skills to optimise your Veripos positioning solutions.