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A sesimic acquisition vessel.

Seismic Exploration

VERIPOS technology provides real-time data to assist with the positioning requirements of seismic exploration.

An offshore rig removing items from a supply vessel.

Dynamic Positioning - Drilling

Utilising precise positioning on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units will not only ensure that they stay on location, but will ensure that marine crew have the information available to manage their satellite position reference systems.

Bridge of a vessel navigating to a offshore rig.

Dynamic Positioning - Marine

VERIPOS positioning solutions can be used for a range of applications on dynamic positioning vessels to provide the reliability and accuracy required.

A vessel laying pipe.

Marine Survey

VERIPOS delivers a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and reliability in their positioning solutions for operations such as hydrographic surveying.

A construction ship.


Subsea structures need repairs and maintenance from time-to-time. Our positioning solutions will provide the reliability and accuracy you require to confidently make those repairs and avoid operational downtime.

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