GRIT – GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology

Positioning reliability means having GRIT

Building GRIT for reliable and continuous positioning, navigation and timing (PNT).

Working offshore safely and continuously requires the best in positioning accuracy, reliability and redundancy. When GNSS signals are interrupted or jammed, offshore users need to know and react immediately. Build GRIT into your positioning system through Quantum visualisation software for real-time status information on RF interference and spoofing detection.

Jamming and spoofing events are on the rise. Whether the jamming signal originates from intentional or unintentional sources, jamming causes interruptions to your GNSS system, leading to unsafe working conditions and vessel downtime. When false coordinates are provided through a spoofed GNSS signal, your crew and vessel's positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) are at risk.

GRIT enables RF interference detection, mitigation through RF filters and spoofing detection for users to maintain robust and reliable positioning. Keep your application safe and working through RF interference or spoofing events.

Rig platform and Supply vessel in the gulf

GNSS Interference Toolkit

How can you protect against jamming, spoofing and other interference at sea? GRIT technology empowers users to detect and mitigate interference in real-time and protect their vessel’s dynamic positioning.

Screenshot of spoofing detection software

GNSS Spoofing Detection

GRIT enables spoofing detection for a comprehensive understanding of your RF environment to identify when your positioning, navigation and timing is at risk.