Ionospheric activity resources

Screenshot of a scintillation map showing color gradients over a world map

Ionospheric activity forecast map

Determine if ionospheric activity is impacting GNSS tracking and positioning of your marine application with the ionospheric activity forecast tool.

The effect of ionospheric scintillation on GNSS signals

How to observe ionospheric scintillation in GNSS software

This article shows how you can use GNSS software to observe whether your positioning is being affected by ionospheric scintillation, enabling you to make informed operational decisions.

The sun is experiencing a solar flare directed at the Earth.

Redundancy and resiliency against ionospheric activity

Learn what the ionosphere is, how it affects GNSS signals, and what marine users can do to strengthen their systems against positioning errors caused by ionospheric scintillation. 

The Earth displaying South America against the night sky with the sun coming up.

What is ionospheric activity? How does it impact GNSS? How do I mitigate it?

We are currently within a period of increased ionospheric activity, which can affect GNSS positioning. Steps to mitigate these effects to your positioning system are provided.