GAJT-410MS anti-jam antenna

The GAJT-410MS from Hexagon | VERIPOS is an anti-jamming antenna in a white, circular, marine-hardened enclosure.

The GAJT-410MS from Hexagon | Veripos is a low size, weight and power (SWaP) anti-jam antenna that protects against radio frequency (RF) interference with adaptive nulling. It enables situational awareness through jammer direction-finding and up to three simultaneous nulls for multi-jammer scenarios.

With an increase in interference, jamming and spoofing incidents at sea, your vessel, operations and crew are put at risk. Positioning systems are either overpowered through jamming or fooled into providing false coordinates through spoofing, threatening the integrity of GNSS signals. Your positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) availability require a layer of protection against these threats.

Dynamic positioning, seismic survey and offshore construction rely on assured PNT for continuous operations. Unmanned and autonomous vessels need a low-SWaP anti-jamming solution that ensures they can remain operational across challenging and contested environments.

The GAJT-410MS provides anti-jamming in a compact marine-hardened enclosure that provides dynamic protection on GPS L1/L2, Galileo E1, QZSS L1/L2 and SBAS L1 frequencies. The Power Injector Data Converter (PIDC) simplifies installation by connecting the GAJT-410MS to the GNSS receiver through a single RF cable. GAJT is compatible with Veripos LD8 and LD900 receivers for a fully robust and well-protected system against intentional and unintentional RF interference for new and legacy fleets.


Physical Characteristics Receiver Size 85.5 mm × 85 mm × 31.5 mm
Weight 450 g
Operating Temp -40 to +71°C 
Storage Temp -55 to +85°C 
Input Voltage +10 to +32 VDC 
Power Consumption 18 W