Power surge

ZITON takes an assured position as emerging offshore wind demand grows.

Wind turbine at sea

The waters off Northern Europe, particularly the North Sea and Baltic Sea, are ideally situated for offshore turbines, as these waters are not very deep and the wind is steady. 

However, turbines have a limited lifespan, with corrosion, erosion and biofouling among the top environmental challenges along with operational fatigue and material wear and tear. Regular and high-quality maintenance are necessary to allow these massive machines to operate for 25-plus years. 

To ensure safe maintenance operations and extend the functional lifespan of the turbines, specialised jack-up platforms—essentially floating barges with extendable legs—are required to work on these massive structures. 

Based in Denmark, ZITON has been involved in the offshore wind industry since 2007. It was one of the first to install windfarms and has become a leading O&M service provider in the European offshore wind market, specialising in major component exchanges.

“[With Veripos] we have accurate positioning that works all the time with no planning or preparation. We just turn it on.”

– Mads Albér, COO ZITON

What you will learn

This article features first-hand interviews with ZITON and how they are leveraging LD900 quad-band receivers and Apex corrections from Hexagon | Veripos for accurate, reliable and redundant positioning on their jack-up vessels to ensure efficiency and 24/7/365 productivity. A view of the growing demand for offshore wind to meet current and future European power contributions.

ZITON is a leading provider of O&M offshore wind services, including blade repair and replacement.

Overhead view of wind turbine

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