Offshore Marine Positioning and Navigation Products


GNSS receivers

Veripos GNSS receivers are designed to deliver precise positioning for demanding marine environments.


Offshore Marine GNSS Correction Services

Veripos offers highly robust correction services that deliver the ultimate dynamic positioning reliability for difficult offshore marine operating conditions.

Image of boat with navigational controls

SPAN GNSS+INS Technology

Combining GNSS satellite positioning with inertial navigation system measurements for a complete 3D positioning solution including velocity, attitude and heave data.



Our software provides information and tools such as real-time position, quality control, real-time tide estimation or coverage mapping.


Veripos offers antennas to fit your marine application needs.

The VERIPOS GAJT-710MS white anti-jam antenna on a grey background.

Anti-jam Antenna Systems (GAJT)

Single-enclosure GPS anti-jam technology (GAJT).

Offshore support vessel approaching an oil rig, colourful outlines symbolize how spoofing could make the positioning officer collide with the rig.

GRIT – GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology

GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) brings RF interference and spoofing detection to Quantum software to expand positioning reliability for DP and offshore marine operations.

For support on any of our legacy products visit the Veripos Online Support System