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Axiom is an inertially aided solution for dynamically positioned vessels that combines the latest GNSS positioning technology advances with high integrity inertial measurements for enhanced and more reliable positioning performance.

Developed in association with Sonardyne International Ltd. and featuring the seamless integration of VERIPOS GNSS and Sonardyne inertial technologies, Axiom exploits long-term precision characteristics of GNSS positioning with the continuous availability and rapid update rates of inertial sensors. This bridges any GNSS disruptions typically caused by ionospheric irregularities and physical obstructions while detecting position outliers due to common mode failures which can otherwise affect vessel systems simultaneously.

The core component of Axiom is Sonardyne’s IMO-approved Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) which outputs precise position, velocity and attitude in dynamic conditions without any need for external support inputs or vessel manoeuvres. The Lodestar’s INS high-grade gyroscopes have been specifically selected to optimise performance and ease of use while its North seeking capability greatly simplifies installation, as no external aiding is required.

VERIPOS’s wide ranging GNSS positioning capabilities in turn complement Lodestar’s inertial sensor outputs, which are combined mathematically to compute position with the highest possible accuracy and integrity for a surface navigation system. Input of GNSS observation data corrects any potential degradation over time in the inertial position solution.

Providing significantly improved reliability in challenging conditions with heading, pitch and roll output, Axiom enables a single navigation solution to be computed and displayed with intuitive status and quality metrics, with industry standard output telegrams available for external interfacing.   

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