The First Battle-Tested GPS Interference Mitigation Solution is available for Offshore Applications

The VERIPOS GAJT®-710-MS delivers assured positioning anywhere

09 October 2018

VERIPOS, part of Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division, is pleased to introduce the VERIPOS GAJT-710-MS anti-jamming antenna. VERIPOS GAJT-710-MS is designed to mitigate intentional and unintentional interference and jamming in the most challenging offshore environments.

Interference and jamming are growing threats in the offshore oil and gas environment that can cause major delays in projects and impact vessel, operational and crew safety. The VERIPOS GAJT 710-MS antenna works to nullify the interference or jamming source that’s trying to overpower the satellite signals that GPS positioning systems use to determine location. With the source nullified, the receiver can acquire and track GPS signals while maintaining high-accuracy positioning. The technology that the VERIPOS GAJT 710-MS uses has been battle-tested and proven to work in some of the most demanding environments, protecting GPS signals when it matters most.

“This innovative new product builds on core Hexagon PI technology, to bring proven solutions that minimize vessel downtime and keep crews, operations and equipment working at a time when GPS denial events are increasing in frequency,” said David Russell, Marine Segment Manager at VERIPOS. “GAJT also combines with reliable correction services, Apex or Ultra, to provide an accurate and reliable positioning solution.”

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Regional Media Contact

Jennifer Abrahams, Marketing Manager


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