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Hexagon | VERIPOS Publishes Free Educational Resource, An Introduction to GNSS and Beyond

05 June 2020

(Aberdeen, Scotland – 05 June 2020) VERIPOS is pleased to announce it has published a free learning resource on GNSS positioning. Precise GNSS positioning is a key technology utilized in all marine operations in the oil and gas industry. This book provides an overview of GNSS, introducing basic concepts and the different GNSS constellations. It examines positioning errors in GNSS, and how they can be resolved to increase the accuracy and robustness of the position relied upon in your marine application.

An Introduction to GNSS and Beyond provides a go-to resource for marine professionals looking to learn about GNSS or refresh their knowledge. With a comprehensive overview of GNSS positioning, the book introduces additional topics including inertial navigation, assured GNSS positioning, and other technologies integral to marine positioning.

The book An Introduction to GNSS and Beyond is available as a free e-book download here.

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