VERIPOS Quantum is Launched

10 October 2016

VERIPOS, a leading global supplier of high-precision GNSS positioning services to the offshore oil and gas industries, has extended its ranges of proprietary software with the introduction of Quantum, a new, all-purpose suite of visualisation modules providing a state-of-the-art user interface to support next-generation services and features. 

Designed to operate with all current VERIPOS positioning options including its latest Apex5 multi-constellation PPP service, the new software has been developed with significant input from a wide range of users by way of simplifying any system configuration while easing methods of interpretation. Other advances include integral diagnostic functions for simple identification of operational problems together with indications of likely solutions. 

Visualisation modules can also be operated independently without affecting concurrent positioning calculations which might otherwise be feeding critical survey or vessel systems. At the same time the Quantum framework comprises a series of different modules to meet a variety of specific operational tasks such as those necessary for hydrographic and seismic surveying as well as dynamic positioning.  Its versatility also extends to providing a basic foundation for accommodating new modules or features.

Posted on 10/10/2016