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VERIPOS Salutes Galileo Initial Services Announcement

15 December 2016

(Aberdeen, Scotland; December 15, 2016) A leading provider of Global Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction services to the marine oil and gas industry, VERIPOS wishes to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments of the European Space Agency (ESA), European Commission (EC), and European GNSS Agency (GSA) in bringing the recently announced Galileo Initial Services to market.

The announcement of the first three Galileo services, including the Open Service, Public Regulated Service, and Search and Rescue Services, reflects the long-term commitment of the program’s leadership to the development of this new Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS).

Graham Purves, President and CEO of VERIPOS stated, “As a European company, we are particularly proud and excited about the opportunities the Galileo services create for our customers. The reliability and safety enhancements made possible through these new services allow VERIPOS to continue to expand the capabilities of our cutting edge safety critical positioning solutions.”

VERIPOS’s worldwide network of 80 reference stations already supports Galileo, enabling VERIPOS to deliver Galileo PPP corrections over satellite through products such as its commercially available Apexcorrection service. VERIPOS also offers Galileo support on its LD5 and LD6 GNSS receivers and Quantum software for industry leading high precision marine positioning solutions.

For those seeking more information on the new Galileo constellation and services, we encourage you to attend an upcoming webinar on December 19 sponsored by sister company NovAtel and Inside GNSS magazine, which will explore how Galileo will improve the GNSS user community in Europe and around the world. The webinar will feature speakers from ESA, EC, and GSA. More information about the webinar can be found at

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Richard Turner, Global Marine Sales

Posted on 15/12/2016

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