Introduction to GNSS/VERIPOS Products and Services for DP Operations

Course Description

  • Introduction to satellite positioning: constellations and accuracy
  • An overview of VERIPOS services such as APEX, Ultra and Standard services
  • Mobile hardware: GNSS receivers, demodulators, software, antennas and cables
  • Guidelines on best practises in mobile receiver installation
  • Set-up and configuration of relevant VERIPOS hardware and software
  • VERIPOS DP software (Verify DP, DP Orion)—configuration, interpretation and troubleshooting
  • Practical exercises based around your vessel set-up (if applicable)
  • Selection and use of common Position information out-put formats: NMEA, RTCM
  • Network Control Centre (NCC)
  • Using VERIPOS documentation and support
  • Certification

Duration: One—two days (This varies depending on your specific training requirements)
Participants: DP Operators, GNSS Technicians and Trainees