Quantum visualisation software

Quantum Software screenshot

Quantum visualisation software from Hexagon | Veripos provides a suite of software modules with a streamlined and intuitive user interface to support users operating offshore. With status monitoring for GNSS and inertial positioning, real-time situational awareness through GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) and remote receiver management, Quantum empowers users to get the most out of their precise positioning solution. 

Quantum software is compatible with all Veripos services and hardware. It includes diagnostic features to provide easy identification when a problem has occurred and assist in identifying possible solutions. Users can monitor the radio frequency (RF) spectrum in real-time through Quantum’s interference toolkit (ITK) and react quickly to interference sources through RF filters and GNSS signal control. GRIT in Quantum extends to spoofing detection for a comprehensive understanding of your RF environment. 

Because Quantum visualisation can be operated independently from the position calculation, the operator can interact with the software without impacting the operational position. Built-in modules customised to dynamic positioning (DP) and survey positioning requirements streamline the configuration process for your application. 

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