V560™ Marine Antenna

The V560 Marine Antenna is a high-precision GNSS antenna that delivers reliable and precise positioning. The multi-frequency and multi-constellation antenna allows reception of all available GNSS signals. Users can use the same antenna for single, dual or triple constellation applications, resulting in increased flexibility.

The V560 receives Veripos® correction services including Differential and Precise Point Positioning (PPP), delivered by L-Band geostationary satellites to provide users with robust positioning. Additionally, the antenna is capable of receiving corrections broadcast via the Marine Radio Beacon network as a backup, removing the need for a separate antenna.

The antenna provides enhanced Inmarsat interference rejection, which allows tracking of GNSS signals in the presence of high-powered Inmarsat transmitters, which can be found on marine vessels. Enclosed in a durable, waterproof housing, the V560 meets IEC60945 specification for all offshore marine applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-frequency and multi-constellation GNSS antenna allows reception of all available GNSS signals required for robust positioning
  • Reception of correction from Marine Radio Beacon network removing the need for a separate antenna
  • GNSS and L-Band reception even in the presence of Inmarsat interference
  • Marine-certified antenna for use in all marine applications
  • Excellent multipath rejection


Physical Characteristics Receiver Size 7.50 in x 3.17 in 
Weight 730 g
Operating Temp -40 to +70oC
Storage Temp -50 to +85oC
Input Voltage +3 to +15 VDC
Power Consumption 105 mA