LD900 Receiver

VERIPOS LD900 Receiver

The LD900 from Hexagon | Veripos is a quad-band GNSS receiver, capable of tracking GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations to provide reliable and accurate positioning. Access to multiple GNSS signals allows for better satellite availability and reduces the impact of satellite masking or blockage. This built-in redundancy is enhanced when pairing LD900 with Quantum visualisation software and its interference and spoofing mitigation tools.

LD900 receives L-band signals on multiple channels providing access to the worldwide independent correction links and services supplied by Veripos. With correction data available simultaneously from multiple correction satellites, the impact of satellite masking can be minimised to ensure reliable reception of correction data. Using the independent L-band RF input on the LD900 allows the connection of a dedicated L-band antenna providing optimal reception of correction services, especially at high latitudes.

The quad-band receiver is compatible with SPAN GNSS+INS technology enabling a holistic 3D positioning solution. SPAN technology combines GNSS and inertial measurements to understand heading, attitude, velocity and heave, optimising positioning in a marine environment.

Veripos provides accurate and reliable positioning for all marine applications via their redundant positioning and multi-frequency precise point positioning (PPP) Apex and Ultra services. The Apex PRO correction service delivers up to 2.5 centimetre positioning accuracy in as fast as three minutes through the power of Hexagon’s RTK From the Sky technology. Veripos PPP corrections ensure the highest positioning accuracy, reliability and redundancy for the most demanding offshore applications. Real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections can be used for applications where this service is required. 

Quantum visualisation software enables remote configuration and implementation of GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) functionalities to detect and mitigate interference. Quantum visualises the RF spectrum for real-time situational awareness of RF signals and potential interference. The user can apply digital notch and bandpass filters to immediately protect the system from interference, jamming and spoofing threats. 

Features and Benefits

  • Supports centimetre-level multi-constellation positioning with Veripos Apex and Ultra PPP correction services 
  • Multi-channel L-band allows simultaneous tracking of multiple Veripos correction service satellites 
  • Independent L-band RF input 
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, color display for simple configuration and monitoring 
  • Advanced signal filtering mitigates the effects of interference from other transmitters 
  • Optional ALIGN GNSS heading solution 
  • Optional MSK Beacon receives corrections from IALA marine radio beacon network 
  • Automatic 72 hour rolling data log for incident support 


Physical Characteristics

Receiver Size

300 x 200 x 80 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Operating Temp
-15°C to +55°C
Input Voltage
+12 to +24 VDC
Power Consumption
13 W (typical)

Data Ports & Interfaces

RS-232/RS-422 Ports 3
RS-232/RS-422 Expansion Ports 3
  USB Ports   
  Ethernet Ports 
  PPS Output  1 
GNSS Options