LD8 Receiver

The LD8 is a high-precision GNSS receiver from Hexagon | Veripos that provides reliable and accurate positioning. The compact and lightweight receiver offers industry-leading GNSS multi-constellation heading and positioning data for dynamic environments. L-band signals can be received on multiple channels providing access to the worldwide correction services offered by Veripos. 

Built in a small, rugged GNSS enclosure, the LD8 easily integrates into space and weight-constrained applications, such as autonomous marine platforms. By leveraging Quantum software, users can remotely configure their LD8 and build positioning resiliency against interference through Quantum’s GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT). Quantum visualises the radio frequency (RF) spectrum for real-time situational awareness. GRIT tools like the interference toolkit (ITK) empower users to identify and mitigate detected interference, jamming and spoofing threats through RF filters and GNSS signal control.  

Veripos provides accurate and reliable positioning for all marine applications via their redundant positioning and multi-frequency precise point positioning (PPP) services. With correction data available simultaneously from up to four correction satellites, the impact of satellite masking can be minimised to ensure reliable reception of correction data. 

Users can connect to the receiver using the on-board WiFi to configure the receiver using the Web UI. With multiple communication interfaces, the LD8 is easy to install into oil and gas seismic exploration, hydrographic survey, offshore construction and autonomous marine applications, ensuring constant contact for operators onshore. 

Features and Benefits

  • Supports centimetre-level multi-constellation positioning with Veripos Apex and Ultra PPP correction services 
  • Compatible with Veripos Quantum software 
  • EN60945 Marine Certified 
  • Built-in WiFi support 
  • Multi-channel L-band allows simultaneous tracking of multiple Veripos correction service satellites 
  • ALIGN GNSS heading solution 
  • Multiple communication interfaces for easy installation 


Physical Characteristics

Receiver Size

147 x 125 x 55 mm
Weight 500 g
Operating Temp
-40°C to +75°C
Storage Temp -40°C to +85°C
Input Voltage
+9 to +36 VDC
Power Consumption
6 W

Data Ports & Interfaces

RS-232 Ports 1
RS-232/RS-422 Ports 2 (selectable)
  PPS Output   
  Ethernet Ports  1 
  USB Ports  1 
GNSS Options