Verify QC

White and blue supplu ship on the ocean.

Verify QC is a processing software suite designed for the professional positioning user. It delivers real-time position and quality control information with full calculation, configuration and performance monitoring. The software can be configured to the user’s operational needs, and supports all VERIPOS data augmentation services and a wide range of GNSS services.

Verify QC captures both GNSS observation and received augmentation data. It supports GPS and GPS+GLONASS multi-reference station and single station calculations as well as GPS and GPS+GLONASS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) calculations.

The software can receive and output data using serial and TCP/IP communication ports. Verify QC operates in real-time and retains full functionality in post-processing mode. Raw and computed data can be logged for analysis and replay.

Verify QC provides users with a window into the complete position derivation process. Any number of calculation permutations can be configured, with complete visibility of all parametres and aspects of quality control.