GNSS+INS for Dynamic Positioning Applications

Image for GNSS+INS for Dynamic Positioning Applications

Dynamic positioning (DP) applications require the highest level of reliability possible, or the safety of the crew, vessel and environment is at risk. SPAN GNSS+INS technology ensures your GNSS positioning solution is as accurate and as dependable as possible by deeply coupling inertial measurements like velocity, attitude and heading.

By deeply coupling GNSS positioning and inertial measurements, SPAN technology can bridge outages in GNSS tracking and short periods of radio frequency interference, jamming or spoofing. With this added layer of resiliency and redundancy, DP vessels have continuous centimetre-level positioning for operators to maintain safety and maximise uptime.

SPAN technology has provided assured positioning for over 15 years through Hexagon | NovAtel. Now optimised for DP applications, SPAN technology is scalable for your needs with IMUs like the IMU-ISA-100C and IMU-μIMU-IC as well as our flagship GNSS receiver the LD900 and Quantum visualisation software.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous centimetre-level positioning made more robust and reliable through enhanced GNSS tracking and deep coupling of inertial measurements
  • Rapid reacquisition of GNSS signals after outages or interruptions through deep coupling process
  • Maintain safe operations through constant monitoring of GNSS absolute positioning combined with heading, velocity and attitude measurements
  • Added positioning redundancy with system robustness against potential signal outages, interference or disruptions