Apex Satellite Correction Services

A satellite in space with the reflection of the Earth on the satellite.

The VERIPOS Apex correction services deliver global, high-accuracy GNSS positioning designed to meet the requirements of all offshore positioning and navigation applications.

Apex uses Precise Point Positioning (PPP), an absolute positioning technique which corrects or models all GNSS error sources such as: satellite orbit and clocks, tropospheric, ionospheric and multipath errors. PPP isn’t dependent on the location of reference stations, so it’s able to provide position accuracy regardless of location.

VERIPOS operates its own Orbit and Clock Determination System (OCDS) which derives real-time corrections for all available satellite constellations using proprietary algorithms. The OCDS uses data from the VERIPOS reference station network. These stations are independent from the reference stations used by JPL for the Ultra services.

Apex services include three service levels: Apex, Apex2 and Apex5. Each service offers the same accuracy level, but the robustness of each differs. Service levels that utilise more than one GNSS constellation will have more observable satellites which helps maintain accurate positioning when masking occurs or when suffering from ionospheric scintillation. 


Apex Apex2 Apex5
BeiDou B1/B2
Galileo E1/E5b
Horizontal Accuracy <5 cm <5 cm <4 cm
Vertical Accuracy <12 cm <12 cm <9 cm
Reference Station Network VERIPOS VERIPOS VERIPOS