Standard GPS Correction Services

Satellite in space above the clouds.

VERIPOS Standard is a GPS augmentation correction service designed for users who need reliable, accurate positioning with a high level of integrity. Standard provides metre-level position accuracy by calculating pseudorange corrections using a single difference technique. VERIPOS Standard2 is an extension of Standard that is designed to increase availability of GNSS observations during periods of local masking, ionospheric scintillation or poor GPS geometry.

VERIPOS Standard and Standard2 can be used with any RTCM-compatible GPS receiver. To ensure consistent global performance, the latest techniques are used to make certain that station antennas are coordinated to an absolute accuracy at the centimetre level.

Augmentation data is produced at two, fully redundant Network Control Centres (NCCs), both capable of managing 100% system operation. The main NCC is manned around the clock and monitors service availability and performance.

Standard Standard2
GPS C/A code & L1 carrier phase
GLONASS L1 code & carrier phase
Data Format RTCM SC104 V2.2 RTCM SC104 V2.2
Message Types 1,3 1, 3, 31, 32
Typical Latency 4 sec 4 sec
Typical Average Age of Correction 15 sec 15 sec
Normal Accuracy 1 m (up to 1,000 km) 1 m (up to 1,000 km)