Ultra Correction Services

A satellite floating above Earth in space.

The VERIPOS Ultra and Ultra2 correction services are global, high accuracy augmentation services that deliver decimetre-level positioning accuracy. These services are robust and reliable in all locations, including areas experiencing ionospheric disturbances.

Ultra services are based on Precise Point Positioning (PPP), a technique where all GPS system errors are removed or minimised by direct calculation, precise modelling or estimation. PPP isn’t dependent on the location of reference stations, so it’s able to provide position accuracy, regardless of location. To carry out PPP, real-time corrections are derived from the JPL Orbit and Clock Determination System (OCDS) which uses data from JPL reference stations.

Ultra can be purchased as a stand-alone service, but most often is purchased as a complementary service to Apex to ensure operation redundancy. 

Ultra Ultra2
Horizontal Accuracy 10 cm 10 cm
Vertical Accuracy 20 cm 20 cm
Reference Station Network JPL JPL